The kindness of strangers is what allows me to successfully do my job. Photographing scenery and inanimate objects can be exciting but point a camera at another human being and the stomach butterflies really start to flutter. Interacting with and photographing a stranger can be intensely satisfying. Fear is generally in the head of the photographer – most people won’t mind.

Always have a short, clear sentence as to what you’re trying to achieve. Try not to be embarrassed. If you are a nervous photographer, try and go to a place where an event is happening, where there’s a carnival, a demonstration or even just a market. You don’t have to photograph the event. People will understand that asking to be photographed is more likely to happen. Nothing kills motivation like a negative first experience, if you have one, don’t be disheartened and put the camera away. Take a moment to regroup, think and capture your subject.