The ‘Not So Happy Snapper’ and I were discussing life one afternoon, a couple of months ago, while having a pint. We quite often discuss life over a pint. He brought up the idea of Capture Happiness and the idea immediately resonated with me. There was definitely a ‘click’ moment.

For 10 years I have been trying to build a business, a brand, that could help and support people entering the world of work for the first time. Whilst also building a profitable company that would one day be the go-to agency for businesses needing to hire high volumes of recent graduates. Needless to say, it’s been a massive challenge. 

Since its inception, I’ve employed over 100 graduates and the business has placed over 3,500 graduates across the UK (and a few further afield). I’ve probably met with over 500 businesses, listening to their plans for growth and the challenges they’re facing in scaling up. The most common issue has always been attracting and retaining their staff.

Over the last decade, there’s been a noticeable shift in what companies offer their people and what people expect from their employers. I’ve also witnessed a considerable increase in pressure that society puts on some of its younger people. There’s so much negative air that always seems to refer to ‘millennials’; from reports about how the majority will never own a property, to how their expectation levels vs reality are out of sync or how their generation will be the biggest losers from Brexit.

Rarely do they get to read good news about their futures. Instead, they’re plagued by ‘celebrities’ making millions from posting endorsements on social media, the wealthy becoming more wealthy and the planet slowing decaying. Life is difficult enough but for ‘millennials’ and it must seem like life will be a constant uphill struggle. 

I’m not a big one for selfies (unless it’s with my kids). I find the ‘check me out’ mentality on social media a bit alien and strange. With Capture Happiness my immediate reaction was I felt much more at ease about people using their cameras to look outwards, seeking out what they love about the world. People searching out good news and positive images can only be a good thing and an antidote to flow of negative media that heads our way each day.  

This is why Give A Grad A Go is supporting Capture Happiness. We want to help people observe and engage with the world around them and to take a time out from worrying about where and how they fit into it.