Olympus is passionate about photography – great pictures can have a great impact. Personally I value the journey to capturing images, the process, the concept; not just the end result. Olympus aim to support and encourage everyone to get out there and take a picture in the hope it is found to be a fulfilling activity to enrich lives.

Photography is an art and an activity to be protected. Today’s exponential growth of social media and the ‘look at me’ culture can mean that images shared can have a negative impact on others.

In supporting Capture Happiness we are promoting positive photography to benefit individuals and inspire others. Finding positive and powerful stories to tell, sharing such moments with others so they too can be inspired. The movement’s strong focus on mental health and the wellbeing created by getting out and taking pictures is more relevant than it has ever been.

Hopefully, you will all get out there take some beautiful pictures, share your stories within the community, help others gain perspective and have happier lives as a result.