When darkness falls, photography takes on a unique new set of challenges. The neon lights and street lamps cast unfamiliar colour and shadows. 
Embrace the night – Blade Runner, Total Recall (the Colin Farrell version) Taxi Driver and The Warriors, wouldn’t be the impactful films they are if shot during the day.  I’m sure you’ll be able to reel of a dozen of your own favourite night time cinematic treats for inspiration.  Be bold, playful, experiment, make your own rules. 

Try putting you camera on a tripod, if you haven’t got one find a stable structure – a wall, bench or floor. Choose a slow shutter speed, see what 10 seconds looks like, capture the light trails of traffic or dreamy landscapes.  
If you want to freeze the action, dial up your ISO and shutter speed, modern cameras can cope with the visual noise, don’t be afraid of ISO 3200 or beyond. If your camera has problems focussing in low light, switch it to manual focus.

Try to find interesting lines, shadows and compositions to give the image a strong visual statement. Silhouettes are interesting, they can create nice compositions with the shadow filling the foreground – release your inner Orson Wells, be The third Man (or woman). Be safe, be bright, be seen. Take a friend or tell them where you’re going. Take a flask, fill it with something magical.