Peter Dench

A UK-based photographer, World Press Award winner, author and curator. He is also an Olympus Visionary and friend.

He will be showcasing some of his own work in the search of happiness but also guiding myself and others to get started on their photographic journey.

He ensures the photography editorial is top notch and drives the contributors and content from a photographic perspective. Peter is a keen and astute observer of human nature who gravitates toward the quirkier aspects of life.

Charlotte Wiseman

Charlotte is an applied positive psychology and leadership trainer and researcher. She will be bringing practical tips and daily habits to promote positive mental health.

These evidence-based tools can be applied in your workplace, personal life and shared with your colleagues and friends.

Please do get in touch to let me know what works for you and how else I can support you to enhance your mental fitness and wellbeing.

Give a Grad a Go

Champions of graduate recruitment and pioneers of wellbeing in the workplace, Give A Grad A GO (GAGAGO) maintain the website and contribute to the development of social media pages.

Too many young people are already struggling with their mental health; it is becoming an increasing issue every day.  

GAGAGO is very in tune with the pressure of the workplace, where mental health is a hugely pertinent issue.

Dean Belcher

Dean Belcher is London based photographer who shoots worldwide for a varied clientele. Versatile in style, Dean is passionate about portraiture but also loves looking at the world around him, often finding humour in the banal and the familiar. 

Pursuing happiness, via the medium of photography, he is keen to spread love and hopefully good cheer through his imagery, anecdotes and articles. He believes that capturing moments of happiness and observing the world with a wry smile is important to staying positive and is an empathetic supporter of mental health causes.

Marcus Clackson

Marcus Clackson specialises in design, advertising and editorial photography with a diverse range of clients. A London based photographer, he has been passionate about making images for more than 20 years.

Often working on personal projects that focus on people from all walks of life, he seeks out, photographs and celebrates the passion and joy of living in these times. He has witnessed the struggles of people close to him first hand, and appreciates the huge importance of managing mental health and wellbeing.

The Not So Happy Snapper

The founder of Capture Happiness and a person searching for balance and a positive state of mind. There are things that that spark joy all around us – we just need to look up and around to see them.

I will be contributing my own content and articles, but also trying to complete a number of challenges set by the experts that will hopefully help me lead a healthier, happier and more engaged life.

I really don’t have the answers, but I genuinely hope that what I am trying to do will resonate with you and that you will join me looking for them.