Seven acts of kindness in one day. I don’t really think of myself as lacking generosity of spirit, but this seemed like a lot. Meeting Charlotte on the weekend before doing it, I protested vehemently – all to no avail.

So, what did I do as my seven acts of kindness in one day?

  • I donated some money to an organisation that stages creative activities for young people that keeps them away from gangs and violence.
  • Agreed to play taxi for my brother.
  • I tend to keep to myself to myself on public transport, so I made an active effort to chat to an old lady who wanted to meet my dog and talk.
  • Bought donuts for an office of people.
  • Agreed to give some of my own time to help someone market their business.
  • Waited an hour for someone to give them a lift home.
  • Bought flowers for my Mum.

There were a couple of other examples where I paid people compliments to people out of the blue, which technically counted. In my own head, I also chalked up a few times where I held back on saying something cutting. This apparently does not count, but I think biting your tongue can be an act of kindness.

All in all, I am glad I did it. However, I felt like I was manufacturing moments and comments in order to hit a target. I am sad to say the flowers to my mother were a panic buy as midnight closed in, so hopefully she won’t read this blog.

What I think I learnt is that being kind is something you need to have on your mind at the beginning of each day. I am not sure there needs to be an exact number of acts of kindness – hopefully at least one – but if you go into each day with a positive mindset, you’ll be ready to jump in when the opportunity arises to make someone’s day better in an authentic and meaningful way. 

Looking at the world around me with this challenge in the back of my mind, did make me more engaged and more aware of what was going on and this seemed to help with my own outlook making it a little brighter and more positive.