How did you find challenge number one: Ask to Photograph a Stranger? Hard, I know because of lot of you have told me. Perhaps it was a little tough for a first challenge so here’s a few more tips if you want to keep at it. I hope you do.

Try to become anonymous in your surroundings, relax and tap into the rhythm of the place and flow of people. Warm up by wasting a few shots, become comfortable with the motion of raising the camera to your eye and sound of the shutter. If you’re worried about being seen, have your back to the sun (if there is some), silhouette yourself – watch out for shadows, or utilise them for effect.

Keep it candid. Sometimes you can become obsessed that there’s a great picture to be captured. Don’t force it, shoot through the scenario, you’ll feel a natural end to the situation. If it doesn’t work out, don’t worry, just shoot and move on.

Keep Physical. We know exercise is a natural high. Keep walking, squat down low or climb up high. Take food and water, snack regularly (and healthily) to keep up your energy. If you’re shooting well, you won’t want to stop. There’s nothing more frustrating than a rumbling tummy, well there’s plenty of things more frustrating but you know what I mean.

You can’t determine when a moment is going to happen so be prepared. Keep your hands out of your pockets and your camera awake. Get close. You can be often be more inconspicuous the closer you are. Loiter where crowds gather – bus stops, traffic crossings or landmarks – somewhere that will spark a conversation.

Don’t look at the back of the camera too much. Save what you’ve shot to review over a drink or treat later. Show friends, talk about how you felt when you were out photographing. Ask them which images appeal to them and why? Make photography a conversation and above all, please, please, please DO NOT FEEL STUPID!