The 24/7 world we live in is filled with challenges to finding or achieving happiness.

How many days are good news days? Diagnosed depression and burnout are all too frequent. Anxiety in young children at a record high. Pressure to achieve is relentless, compounded by a never-ending stream of social media that creates an endless basis for comparison that places us under a microscope and magnifies our insecurities.

The proliferation of media has made us all too aware of the problems of the world, without offering an antidote. The rise in populism and xenophobia; a well-intentioned internet that, misused, provides a forum for trolls and hate. Political systems based on negative messages rather than positive examples; sowing division ahead of building consensus.

We live on a planet with polluted oceans, animals driven to extinction and air that is increasingly toxic. Young people fear for their future. Older generations, obsessed by their past, confused and anxious about the present.

It is no wonder that more and more people struggle to find that elusive something that is happiness. Capturehappiness.org hopes to make a small contribution by seeking out joy and documenting it. We must turn our cameras and our focus away from ourselves and on to the world around us. We can make small contributions at an individual level that can be shared at a community level. Captured moments that spark happiness and light up our lives in darker times.

We have three rules as community: 

  1. No Selfies
  2. No Trolls or Hate
  3. No Politics or Partisanship