Welcome to Capture Happiness

Capture Happiness is a community that encourages people to focus on the positive in life through the lens of a camera. It is a movement that motivates us to get out and take photos as a valuable process in itself, whatever the end result.

The community utilises photography, film and personal experiences to share perspectives and problems in the search for peace of mind and contentment. It focuses on the world around us, to escape introversion and experience joy.

It is well documented that focusing through the camera lens is a form of mindfulness, bringing people into the present and contributing to mental health. It can be an effective tool to fight depression.

Hopefully, you will all get out there take some beautiful pictures, share your stories within the community, help others gain perspective and have happier lives as a result.

How you can get involved

If you would like to get involved, simply capture your happiness in a photo and share with us by:


1. Sharing on Facebook

Join the community Capture Happiness Facebook Group and share as many photos as you like – we’d love to know why your photos make you happy too!

If you’d also like to help us raise awareness, please share your photo to your own Facebook page, tagging the Capture Happiness Facebook page and using our hashtag #CaptureHappinessNow

2. Sharing on Instagram

Post your photo on your Instagram profile, tagging the Capture Happiness Instagram page and using our hashtag #CaptureHappinessNow

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3. Send us your photos and stories

As well as sharing on social media, we’d love it if you sent us your photo and why it makes you happy to our email: smile@capturehappiness.org